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    Chem Station C01.08 (210) data reporting


      We are using Chem Station C01.08 (210) intelligent reporting to report the analytical HPLC data.  A PDF file is created after each run. Now we are running a large number of samples every batch (>100 samples).  Here are my 2 questions:


      1. Can we make the PDF files being saved automatically in a shared folder on a different server?

      2. The PDF files have random number file names. Can we make the the file names of the PDFs including the sample names and run time?


      Thanks for your help!



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          I added tags to this post to increase visibility.


          The main question that will need to be answered is whether you are using a classic report template or an intelligent report template.


          If you are using an intelligent report template, you can easily change the naming convention of your report file and specify a secondary location to copy your reports to in the Report>Specify Report window:



          If you are using classic reporting, you lose this functionality and only have the ability to specify a report file prefix.

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              Thank you so much for your reply. 


              Yes, we are using intelligent reporting. I changed the reporting setting as you suggested, but still got random file names.  I also noticed that I only could do one thing of the three, printing/creating file/PDF on screen, not two at same time.  Could it be anywhere else not being set up correctly?



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                  Hi Yong


                  What naming pattern are you using for data file names in Sequence Parameters?



                  If you're using Auto, then the data file names will relate to vial number, sequence line number and replicate number.  Have a look at the help page for Sequence Parameters.

                  As to not being able to print and save as PDF, I would check to see what the default printers is in Windows and that Chemstation is also configured to use the correct printer from the File...Printer Setup menu.


                  Hope that this helps a little.