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UV-Vis ChemStation B.05.03 (Security Pack) - electronic signature is required only loading a result

Question asked by rebeca on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2018 by 195


After installing Security Pack, we have a very big problem with the signatures and the file versions, as too many electronic signatures are required without changes made.


In our case, when a test has finished, a signature is required for saving the results. This is ok, but inmediately when the report appears on the screen, without changes made in the results, other signature is requested because it says that the results have been changed and other file is created.


Also, it is said that a change has occurred only when you have loaded results and you close them. As other name is needed, we have a new versión of the results only for opening them. Traceability is lost because we have exactly the same results with 3 different file names.


I would want to know how usual is this and why it occurs. Could it be something about user permissions?


Please help!