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    G1329B  fatal error EE 4020, 3020.


      Looks like the needle is stuck in the 'up position' as it does not move and the error only occurs when I try to start a run or tell it to reset the needle.

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          Those errors refer to initialization failure (which is expected given the behavior described) and the fact that the instrument could not move the X-axis. See below for a schematic showing the motions of the motors in the transport assembly. You can find this schematic and a discussion of the transport assembly in the 1200 Standard Autosampler User Manual: https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/usermanuals/public/G1329-90012_StandPrepSamplers_ebook.pdf.


          The X-axis motor controls lateral motion of the arm. Before assuming that the motor is defective, it's possible that the motion of the arm is obstructed by a vial or something else in the vial area. The fact that this error seems coincidental with the needle staying in the up position could indicate that the initialization stops at that point, but in either case, I would investigate the instrument log for other errors with the autosampler.