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    BFB_autotune failures


      I use the water management kit( 5991-0029EN) and the tune ran to completion for years.  In the last 2 months I have only gotten it to complete once! That was after a source cleaning ( tune failed after the cleaning) the following day I vented and sonicated the lenses in MeOH.

      The tune process starts with an autotune, could my issue be due to a corrupt autotune?

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          Hi Bigbear,

          I updated the tags but I have a couple of questions. What model MS? What Rev of SW? and how are you getting the BFB into the MS, purge or direct inject?

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              I am using an old 5973 running E.02.02, and purging the BFB (25 ml). Yesterday I vented and sonicated the lens in water, meoh, acetone, and hexane. I installed a new repeller and 2 filaments.I had cleaned the source in early Aug, so that's why just a rinse. No joy with the BFB_tune. I got a herb-tune that seems to be working. Some compound peaks in my 0.5 standard are splitting.

              This setup used to be rock solid, but now not so much.

              Do I have hardware issues, or operator errors?

              BTW, we have spoken in the past.

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              I installed new lens insulators on Friday, today the BFB_AT went to completion and the running bfb checks seem quite consistent!