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    Creating individual log-ins for technicians



      Currently our ChemStation OpenLAB software has one operater 'SYSTEM' in which all reports are acquired by. How can we switch to making log ins with passwords for individuals, where the log in grants certain permissions for each user?

      Thank you !


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          Hi michalab, in the mode you're in, no authentication has been enabled, so no login screen is shown when you access the OpenLAB Control Panel. With the authentication provider None, the user is automatically logged in to the application with security disabled, operators are all recorded as "SYSTEM," and the Security Policy and User Management nodes are unavailable in OpenLAB Control Panel.


          In order to enable separate operator names depending on who is logged in to the software, Authentication must be turned on. If you do turn it on, please make sure you create more than one Administrator in case people leave the company or are unavailable in the future to administer the access to OpenLab ChemStation.


          See Chapter 4, Configure OpenLAB CDS Workstation, in the Agilent OpenLAB CDS Workstation Guide, available on Disc 1 of your OpenLab suite. There are other authentication modes (described in this guide and the Administrator's Guide), but the most flexible one, where you can directly control the name of the Operator, is Internal Authentication. In this mode, the user's credentials are created and stored in the OpenLAB CDS Shared Services database. You are asked to create an administrator account for OpenLAB CDS Shared Services before setting up other users; however, again, I would strongly recommend creating more than one. As many as possible would be best. This is the only authentication type in which you can create new users. You can, of course, ascribe specific permissions to users that affect what they're able to do or see in the software.