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    Masshunter PDF Report Builder - Using the "Contains" Data Binding Filter Operator


      Hi, I'm starting out using the Report Builder. It is quite the journey of discovery (one might say floundering in the dark).

      I am attempting to have a table exclude certain compounds from a list based on what the compound name contains.
      Specifically I am trying to remove any compound that has "siloxane" in the name. I am trying out the "contains" operator but keep getting a:

      "Error:Syntax error: Missing operand after 'siloxane' operator."


      Error when I run the report. I'm just early days looking trying things out and seeing how things work. It's not going well.

      Is there some obvious way to do this I am missing? and is there a resource I can reference to find out the proper syntax to use. Honestly the help files are abysmal.