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Argon as carrier gas?

Question asked by topsoe-lak on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by james_jenkins

Hello Agilent,


At my company we have asked technical personel from Agilent several times during the years:

Why is argon not an option as carrier gas on Agilent 6890/7890 gas chromatographs?


Argon is by far the best carrier gas when detecting hydrogen using a TCD as detector. In 7890 configuration setup, we can select argon/methane as carrier gas (as a substitute for argon) But no argon/methane can be selected as reference- or make-up gas for the TCD...,? We have to select ... nitrogen??


Please add argon as a carrier gas and as a TCD reference/make-up gas option as well at the Agilent 7890A/B gas chromatographs.


With kind regards -

Lars Kürstein, Copenhagen.