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      We have a GC-MS/MS system (7890A-7000) that have been working fine. Recently, every time I run sequences I get a error message related to "System.IO.PathTooLong" - see attachment with included error log. This happens when the first sample has been acquired and the system is about to start with the next sample. The length in file names, folders are the same as before when it worked and they are not longer than 248 characthers. I am also attaching a simulated sequence log file.


      The system have not been updated recently to my knowledge.



      Other user on this forum such as dwbrown48 have reported the same error but there is still no answer on this thread.


      I would really appreciate any input on this issue. Thank you



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          I added tags to this post to increase visibility.

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            Hello marcus,


            To look into possible causes of this error message we will need a copy of your method and a data file collected with this method.

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              I just had a similar (same?) issue on a 7890B-5977B system which seems to be fixed.  We save the method with data file and looking at that method (in the data folder) I noticed that there is an "endless loop" of nested *.M and *.D folders within the data folder.  I then looked at the parent method (I'll call it method.M) and there were multiple nested method.M and data.D folders.  I removed the interior nested method.M folder from the parent method.M and everything seems to be working.  As to why the nested *.M and *.D folders came to be in the parent method folder I don't have a clue.