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    Reporting Multiple Resolutions




      I am trying to create a table in a report for system suitability in which it reads a true/false if all specs are met, however for the resolution column, each peak within the injection has a different resolution spec.  Is there any way I can do this easily in one column? Below is a screen shot of an example of the data:



      I would like to set it up so that if the resolution of n-tridecane is above 15.995 it will read true, and so on for multiple peaks after that.  Not sure how to do this since  each peak in table is different.




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          Hello! What software and revision are you using? Help > About  (or question mark icon > About) should tell you both.

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                Since each compound in your processing method would require a different resolution pass/fail threshold, I do not believe you would be able to set this up solely from the column properties on your intelligent report. I approached this by storing these threshold values in a Constants file that is called by a custom calculation linked to the processing method. 


                Below is a section of the online help that outlines how to create a Constants file:


                As a test I created a tab delimited Constants file for a processing method I use for testing formatted as below, making sure the compound names match exactly with those in my method (also below):



                This Constants .txt file should be saved in the method folder for your project. In the Custom Calculation Editor, you can then create a new CC file referencing this Constants file with a formula calling the values in the appropriate column of the Constants file. Below are screenshots of how I set this up in my test:


                After saving the .ccf custom calculation file, you then need to link this file in your processing method like below:

                After reprocessing your result set, you should then see your ResThreshold constants populate in your Injection results in a new column like below (by default the new column will be the right-most column in the table):

                You can then call these values on your report. Below I have setup a Pass/Fail expression where if the USP Peak Resolution for a peak is greater than the threshold defined in the Constants file it will output "Pass", and if USP Peak Resolution for a peak is less than the threshold it will output "Fail":

                Below is from my results table on my report showing the Pass/Fail flag in action:

                Please let us know if you have any questions.

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              Would you be able to share your constant file, custom calculation file and report template?

              I tried to do the same than you did, it worked in my case.


              See attached example.


              PS: You would need to change the location of the constant file, to apply your project methods folder location, in the cc editor.