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    DAD overcurrent



      I work with an HPLC 1260 AGILENT and I have some question about the detector DAD

      1 : during the analyse the DAD was an error (red light) and if i go to the lab advisor and test intensity the error message is "lamp overcurrent", i don't understand because we pass 8 injections and we have no problem during analysing...The lamp was changed on january 2017.....and we pass 2500 analyzes maximum.....

      2: for  the intensity test for DAD, we need to pass water is it correct ?

      3:  about chemstation (software with our hplc) if i go on set up instrument method i don't see the timetable with our method but graph ...is it possible to return withe the timetable ? if yes what is the procedure ?

      thank's a lot for your answer

      best regards


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          Hi Marie,

          1) It may be time to replace the lamp. If that does not fix the error it could be something more serious that would require service.  What version of Lab Advisor do you have?  you can download the latest from our webesite. agilent.com here: Download Firmware

          What is the model number of your DAD?

          2) Yes, you need 100% HPLC grade water in the flow cell.

          3) Yes, you can toggle between the timetable and graph... what version of software are you running?  please send a screen shot of what you are seeing.

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            Hi Jhagel

            thanks a lot for your answers...apparently I have some problem with my pump so I have contacted agilent support !!!

            for the question 3 I found it thanks !