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DAD overcurrent

Question asked by ecobioc on Aug 30, 2018
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I work with an HPLC 1260 AGILENT and I have some question about the detector DAD

1 : during the analyse the DAD was an error (red light) and if i go to the lab advisor and test intensity the error message is "lamp overcurrent", i don't understand because we pass 8 injections and we have no problem during analysing...The lamp was changed on january 2017.....and we pass 2500 analyzes maximum.....

2: for  the intensity test for DAD, we need to pass water is it correct ?

3:  about chemstation (software with our hplc) if i go on set up instrument method i don't see the timetable with our method but graph it possible to return withe the timetable ? if yes what is the procedure ?

thank's a lot for your answer

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