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    General power failure on my HPLC 1100


      I have an old Agilent 1100 HPLC with two detectors (RID+VWD).


      I've had some problems of sudden power failures. Every modules have a power failure at the same time for less than a second and then go back on power on.

      I installed a UPS and changed the LAN card, but I still have issues.

      I verified the best I could all wires and connexions, but how can I know from which one it comes?


      Thank you!

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          Hello! Can you provide a few more details on your configuration? What software and revision (usually under Help > About) and what operating system are you using? How are the modules connected to the computer? What are the model numbers of all the modules you have physically connected to one another? And finally and most importantly – since when have you had this issue?