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    Compare Open Lab 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3




      We are planning to move our Open Lab 2.1 to 2.3

      Im not sure if there is a documentation which compare 2.1 to 2.3.

      So I need the Step from 2.1 to 2.2 too.



      So I would be happy to have them both.


      Important question.

      Can we migrate the data, we already created ?

      Can we use the same Reports ( rdl files ) ?


      Can the service technician just upgrade it, or do he need to reinstall everything.

      Is it a clean installation ( wipe everything ) ?



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          Hello mr.white,


          I have attached the release notes for OpenLab CDS 2.3. This document outlines the major feature modifications introduced with each release of OpenLab CDS 2.x from 2.1 to 2.3.

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              I forgot to address your other questions. In-place upgrades from a OpenLab CDS v2.1 WorkStation Plus to a v2.3 WorkStation Plus are supported, meaning that your 2.1 software does not need to be removed in order to install 2.3. The data, methods, reports, etc... should transfer without issue.

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                  Hello Ryoboyle,


                  thank you for the fast reply *insert medal emoticon*


                  Ok since we currently using the Content Manager we need Workstation plus.

                  I just check the pdf File and the new features look very good.




                  Loading methods from another project



                  Allows authorized users to browse to another project, open a method and save a copy of that method to their current project or link it to a result set.


                  Overlay chromatograms from different projects



                  Allows users to load data from other projects to compare results.



                  Zoom in/out of report preview with mouse wheel.

                  1.) During the run ? I recognized that it was missing in 2.1




                  Use of complex custom fields in filter, grouping and sorting expressions.

                  2.) Can we get a pdf File, for the use of it, when we purchase the Software and the qualification service  ?



                  Blank subtraction



                  Use the blank subtraction to calculate a clean chromatogram with contribution of the analytes only.

                  3.) Does it substract the Injection Peak as well ?



                  4.) XML Support. Do this Version have XML Support now ? Like the good old chemstation.



                  Thank you very much. If you reply please refer to the numbers.







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                Hello Ryoboyle,


                1) thank you very much. this is a very helpful Option.


                2) Ok I will write them an Email.


                3) With blank subtraction I meant, than every signal from the blank injection is subtracted from the fallowing injections. So the upcoming injections don't even show the injection Peak. So the result will be just a straight line from beginning to the end. Just the peak from the substance we determine.


                4) This is sad. We want to import/export our sequences. But soon we have a training with a person from Agilent. It will take place in our location.And hopefully we find a solution for this problem. Hopefully the guy from the IT Department take over on this. I am definitely not the right person for this. But I told him I support him.

                Actually we want to upgrade our Open Labs from Version 2.1 to 2.3. But if there is no acceptable import/export function, then maybe the best choice is Open Labs Chemstation Edition. I need to discuss this when we have Agilent in our house.




                I am sorry that  have so many questions concerning nearly everything.

                My duty is to transfer the methods from an old Chemstation to a new Open Labs. I never worked with a GC before. Only HPLC/ICP -OES/MS.

                The major Problem is that everyone in the QC is so busy, to help me when I have a question.


                PS: But I want to thank you very much with everything you helped me already. ryoboyle

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                    You are very welcome mr.white.


                    I think the only lingering question left on this post is related to the blank subtraction. And you are correct, if you are performing solvent blank injections and the there is an injection peak in the blank data file you select to use for blank subtraction then your signal should just be a flat baseline with the compound peaks from the sample you injected.

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