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quantification - showing ND when no peak is detected

Question asked by fprosje on Aug 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by martin.adams

Hi, i have a question.

I am busy with creating a new reporting template in openlabs 2 (inspired by a few templates and also the excel file we use now). We would like to convert the excel file into a IR so that we do not have to export any areas anymore and just can fill in the concentrations of the calibration curve etc etc to obtain all results in a report with just one click.

So far so good, i managed to get the tables and chromatograms like i want them to be with filtering, sorting and calculations.

There is just one thing i cannot get to work. it is probably due to lack of knowledge of how VB language works and which commands to use..

I would like to be able to see 'ND' (not detected) in the sample table instead of a concentration when a compound is not detected/integrated in a chromatogram.

I tried to adapt the area column with the Iif expression, but when the area is not integrated it will not give any result or when only one sample without detected compound is selected it will not give me the sample table.

I also thought i might need to do something with CompoundType 5 but i cannot find which command to use and how/where to use it (group/table/column).

So some help with this would be very much appreciated