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    Resolution will not reliably print – chemstation, intelligent reporter, report template, HPLC


      I have set up a custom report template on Agilent OpenLAB that calculates USP resolution using the expression ‘=Peak_Resolution_USP’. Recently, the result has not reliably printed onto the report for one specific method (i.e. it will only print for 40% of the samples). After some digging, I believe that this is because the peak width at the base (likely calculated using the expression ‘=Peak_WidthTangent’?) cannot be determined. On the same chromatogram, calculating the peak width using ‘=Peak_WidthTangent’ also does not print a result.


      At our lab we must meet USP regulations. Is there a way for OpenLAB to calculate the resolution in the chromatograms? I have ensured that there is no conditional formatting that only prints values exceeding a given value.



      Potentially relevant software information:



      Agilent OpenLAB Intelligent Reporting



      HPLC system: Agilent 1260 Infinity