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    Aux temperature programing


      I can programing aux temperature(3 ramp) with chemstation B.04.03.

      But Openlab, there is no menu for programing aux temperature.

      Just on,off and one temperature setting menu is all.

      Anyone who can programing aux temperature using Openlab chemstation?

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          I added tags to this post and marked it as a question.


          What type of instrument are you controlling? GC? What model?


          What revision of OpenLAB CDS ChemStation did you upgrade to? You can determine this by going to 'Help'>'About'. Then you can click on the 'Version Info' button in this Window to determine what instrument driver versions you have installed, which would also be good to know.

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            After config PTV mode for Aux Temperaure I can see ramping prameters.

            Thanks all.