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    Shutting down DAD/QQQ seperately with script


      I wanted to ask if there is some kind of "script" in the MassHunter Software, that enables the shutdown of the DAD and the QQQ of our 6460 device seperately after a worklist.

      If we run a worklist on Friday for example we don't want the DAD and QQQ to run the whole weekend but of course we want to keep a minimal flow of buffer over the weekend as it's better for the LC. We do that with an "Infinity" method so far. But yeah...the problem then is, that the DAD and QQQ are measuring the whole weekend as well. Is there a good solution?

      Many thanks in advance.

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          I updated the tags on this post to increase visibility.


          A number of Send_Module commands need to be run at the end of the Worklist to accomplish the requested tasks.  This Scripts are added in the Worklist by a right clicking on a row in the Worklist and selecting Insert Script.



          The first command is to put the instrument in standby. This will turn off the lamps and set the mass spectrometer parameters (source temperatures, gas lows, etc.) into standby.


          The next series of commands utilizes the SCP_SendModule script to  turn the pump on, set the flow to 0.1 mL/min (in this example) and turn the column compartment temperature back on the last setpoint in the last method run.  The Send Module command takes the form of Device Name, Command.



          The exact Device Names can be obtained in the Instrument Logbook and are evident when an error condition is introduced, for example, injecting a sample from a non-existent vial or plate location.

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              Hey ryoboyle,

              Thank you very much that helped partly and is good to know no matter what.

              Can I find a list of commands somewhere? I guess there are many useful applications for these scripts but one has to know the commands and stuff to do it properly, for example also setting the buffer composition/ratio of A and B. And I'm wondering why there isn't just a command to shut down the QQQ and DAD...why isn't that possible?

              However, I still have the following problem: I run my storage method where i slowly increase buffer B from 0% to 50%. Therefore my method of course starts with my standard flow and 0%B. At the end of the method i have 50% but at the moment it stops, it jumps back to 0% for a few seconds before the script can shut down the instruments as 0% B is the standard I have to start with. A script can just be started after the previous run was completed right? Does the post run script in the properties section of the method help somehow? If yes can I run more scripts than one there? We are circumventing this problem by our "Infinity" method as I wrote before. So we just keep the flow very low and at 50/50% and then do the rest manually the next day. Is there another way for that? Additionally I would then need the command for setting the buffer ratio so it continues with 50/50 after turning the pump on again and not with 100%A as is standard ratio in the storage method.

              Thank you very much again.

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              Hi damatze,


              Thank you for the feedback.


              It is possible that there might be some documentation on scripts/commands, though I am not finding any that can be widely distributed to customers.


              At this point, due to the intricacies in your questions, I would recommend that you contact your local Agilent support team: Contact Us | Agilent


              They should be able to address these questions more in-depth than we can on the Community, as well as being able to directly answer any follow up questions.