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I am having some trouble with MassHunter Data Acquisition.  Specifically, the DAD is not accepting wavelength assignments when loading up a method.  MassHunter always says that it cannot load in wavelengths and will use default settings.  I think the inst

Question asked by bhalden on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by bhalden

Good morning, fellow colleagues.  I have started to use MassHunter B.04.00 with my 6520B LC-QTOF.  I am having some trouble

setting up the diode-array detector on the HPLC from MassHunter.  When loading in a HPLC method, the computer responds,

Failed to load, using default wavelengths Okay to continue  (or along those lines).

I have tried configuring the system by using the Acquistion Tools, Instrument Config.  I am hoping this isn't a corrupted

installation.  I seem to be able to set the wavelength in an online session.  Is there anything I could be missing ?

I am not getting a real-time signal from the diode-array either.