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Anybody using H2 generator for their carrier Gas ?

Question asked by chesstu on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by james_jenkins

Hi all

I'm in the process of looking to change from He to H2 for our carrier gas.


Is anyone here working with an Hydrogen Generator ?


I think the models sold by Fisher, VWR and so on are all made by Parker.

On VWR there's no info on the life span of the H2 cell, but when talking with Parker techs, the info is that the H2 cell is good for 5-10 years.


Cost is up to 9000$ for replacement - by the company - and takes couple weeks. (so we lose our H2, and can't use the GC unless we install a cylinder ...)

If we want to replace the cell ourselves, there's no guarantee.


I wanted to know if someone has experience with H2 generator for carrier gas.