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    GC Liner replacement method


      Hi all

      I'd like to know your best practise for your liner replacement on Agilent 6890N GC


      We're analysing Denatured Fuel Ethanol, and we are doing a liner replacement every 3 months.


      We then have a rince sequence that will do a triplicate injections of a sample of denatured ethanol to saturate the liner.


      The GC is then put in the "standby method" for the night (Inlet 300°C, Oven 150°C with 0.5mL/min He flow, FID300°C flame off, make-up on)  until next morning.


      The rince sequence will show a regular baseline after 3 rince, but then the next morning injections after every liner replacement that we do are quite ugly. A lot of ghost peaks, that weren't there when running the rince sequence.


      I'd just like to know what are your "standby" method when leaving GC for the night, and also what are your best practise when replacing the liner (part # 5183-4647 split/splitless)


      Thanks in advance