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    Automatic Upload failed, Reason : Unknown Error




      We have Standalone instrumnet connect to a PC running on OpenLAB Chemstation C.03 version, the PC runs on  XP.


      We are now seeing issues like once the sequences are completed Automatic upload failed, can someone help us on this


      automactic upload failes.PNG

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          Upon first look, this seems to be an issue with your data being uploaded to your ECM server after it is acquired. When was the last successful upload or the last time your data was acquired without error?

          Can you see if you are able to log in to the ECM server yourself through the browser? If you can, double-check that the ECM server settings have not been reset in ChemStation. If you cannot, your ECM server might be turned off, disconnected from the network, or its domain identity might have changed. 

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              Hi Thank you,


              This Capillary Electrophoresis instrument  was utilizing OpenLAB 3.4 software.

              It has had a previous history of losing connection to ECM and having data stuck in the data queue manager.

              There was an incident in the beginning of the year where analysts were inadvertently ignoring the data queue pop up and the queue was so overloaded it caused new data files to be saved in old file locations.

              Since the analysts have been clearing the data queue each time the utilize this instrument but again today we ran into the data being saved in an older file location vs. it’s intended location.



              K. Jagan