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    Group Spectrograms by Sample Type




      Actually when we print out a sequence we get this order.

      So we have like 30 Pages for every sequence. I want to shrink it a bit.


      Sequence look like this.

      In there a way to group all blanks ( overlay, or separated )

      all Factors,SST and Samples ( 2 Injection is 1 Sample = 1 Page 2  )


      It was possible in empower. I just cant figure it out how.


      Thank you

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          To clarify, when you say you print your sequence do you mean you are Print icon above your sequence table in the Acquisition software?



          If so, then these reports templates unfortunately cannot be edited.

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            what I was trying to say is. When I print my report.( with the print icon ), I put all the Data in it.

            Like Sequence,Calib Data, Amx + Pmx Method, Sequence Table, Sequence Summary, Spectograms .


            I would be happy if I didn't get like 5 Pages of Blank injections. Just 5 Page for all 5.

            Same with the SST, and Std.

            Also group Samples, example S1/1 + S2/2  or in some reasons S1/3


            I know that u can select them with the pin icon.

            But I want that the user don't have to do anything after the run is finished.

            But for now I use the print icon till the method is final and validated.

            If so I will bind the report to the method.


            To save some time.


            Thank you Ryoboyle