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Report Parameters - "float" number format, comma separation

Question asked by berndh on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by martin.adams

Dear all,


I have a small (at least I hope so) problem/language settings issue regarding number formats in the reporting module of OpenLAB CDS 2.3:


Default values need to be entered with a "," as comma separator (which makes sense, I'm in Europe after all, same in acquisition and data analysis).

Number output in the report itself uses a "." as comma separator.


now, of course, I run into the issue that comparing for example a peak's tailing factor of 1.09 to the limit set via the report parameters (e.g. min. 0,8 and max 2,0) will not work as the system interprets the values of the report parameters as 8 and 20 respectively.


I can work around that, theoretically, by multiplying the tailing factor by 10, but that seems rather inelegant and does not work for other usecases (where expected values can vary by more than a factor of ten)


I do not find the option of changing a report's language settings - would that help? Or any other ideas?


Thanks and best regards,