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    Need to filter Area% to show all peaks above 5%


      Hi All.  I am wondering how to filter my signal table to display only peaks that are larger than 5% Area%.  I'm basically using that cut off as a way to reduce the size of the generated table, as I only care about the Area% of my peak of interest, which is always the largest peak.  Any suggestions on how to do this?


      If it matters, I am using C01.07


      Thanks in advance! 

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          Hi lkroiss, the easiest thing would probably be to reduce the number of peaks that get integrated to begin with. In other words, employing an area reject and/or height reject in the integration parameters of the method would eliminate the need to filter them in the report. If you load a method of interest, the Integration Events table can be edited to reject peaks that fall below an area or height threshold:



          This should not be taken as a recommendation to change your methodology if your SOP does not allow that, but could prove to be a simpler way to reduce the number of peaks in your table.

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              Unfortunately due to SOP reasons, I can't change that.  I did find that I could filter my table by Area%, and display all values greater than 5% by using the filter section, and add in the line Area% > , double click expressions, and type in =5.  That seemed to do what I wanted.


              Thanks for your suggestion

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                  Generally, and if possible, it is preferable to employ changes at the method level rather than leaving it up for customizing reports. In other words, for peak identification, integration parameters should be optimized first if at all possible.


                  For reference, below is the graphical representation of the steps taken by lkroiss to fix this particular problem with the imposed limitations:


                  A generic peak table like the one being referenced will look something like this in the Intelligent Report Layout editor in ChemStation:


                  To add columns to this table (like the Area% requested here and seen in the screenshot above), right click on the table and choose Properties:




                  The additional column requested here (if not already present in the report template), can be added to the columns from the list of available options:



                  In the same properties window, filtering the contents of the table can be done in Filtering by selecting Area Percent from the dropdown menu, the greater than (>) symbol, and =5 as the expression for a value of 5%.


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                I added tags to this post and switched it from a discussion to a question.


                From your last reply it looks like you successfully set up a filter on the results table in your intelligent report template. I marked this reply as the correct answer. Please let us know if there is anything else we might be able to help you with.