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No data acquisition, module 35900E

Question asked by jan_thechemist on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by valentinrusu

Hello, we have LC Agilent 1260 infinity, with fraction collector and module 35900E both agilent. The module is connected to pH and conductivity meter,which we dont use for almost two years. We have manual injection. Recently we observed that the "waiting for injection" alert after "run method" has disappeard and report after the run aswell. Lately even data file is missing after the run. I went through different settings and only thing which can get me the data file is playing with different combination of settings in: "injector source-manual/35900inj source or something  like that) and set ADC Timed (where are two options with 35900, one is that the module is controlled by external device and the other is vice versa) but still to get the data and report I has to push the STOP button on 35900 module or the run will not end. Can you please give me advice because I am quite lost. Sincerly Jan

PS. Is there any option how to restart the Agilent Chemstation to "factory settings"?