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    Extra blank pages printing with intelligent reporting


      I am using OpenLab Chemstation A 1.01. I've set up a custom report based on the short external standard template. Currently I have a blank page (header and footer only) print after the first page and the second page of the report (the report is 2 pages in total). I have checked all the "grouped" sections and tables for the "insert page break" options, but they are not selected. I've double checked the borders and everything appears to be within the printable area. When I first do a "preview" of the report, it comes up with 2 pages. When I refresh or print the previewed report, it changes it to 4 pages (2 blank). Any other ideas?

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          can u post the report template here ?

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              I think you just put to much information on 1 Page.

              You can crop the Chromatogramm a bit and make the space between everything smaller.


              Just try it then click on "Preview" If it still display u continou to the next step.


              Also make the letters smaller. U can fit everything on 1 Page. But the visibility will go down.


              And what also is importand the second page is blank.

              Try to move the result "group" up. There is always a layer where its bound into. Make it smaller






              in the top u can move every item very close.



              Good Luck !

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                  Thank you. Everything is as close as it can be on the template. There is no "grid" space between the sections, some are overlapping. There are no page breaks shown in the template so there is no way to know what is on a page or where the breaks occur (why would a software engineer NOT include this feature is beyond me). I don't want it all on one page. Two would be great. When I first pull up the preview, it's on two pages. When I arrow to the next page in the preview mode, it turns into four. If I print it, it prints four, a blank page after the first and last. It used to print six pages. I've cropped, moved, selected "insert break before" "insert break after" "keep all to one page" options, along with the "group" and "ungroup" options with no resolution. I've increased headers and footers, decreased headers and footers, decreased the size of the tables to make them narrower (thinking they were overhanging the margins, thus the empty pages). I've messed with margins and printer settings to no avail. After 4 hours of trying to tweak it to make it work, I'm pretty much frustrated with this software as a whole. Don't get me started on the analysis portion of the software. I will go back to traditional chemstation reporting and dread the day I have to upgrade all my instruments to open lab.

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                Can you please show me the view of your " Report Editor "




                mine look like this. As you can see the items are very close to each other. In the Preview they ok again.




                Maybe it helps when you just use a template from agilent.Or start from scratch.

                Mostly it takes more time to find the error then to create a new one.

                Save it often with different filenames. To revert bad choices.

                Put the details out that are unimportand for you and add your informations.

                I created a list with Items I want to have in my report.


                it also helps when you generate your own report.


                  ACQ Method Name
                Injection Data File Directory =First(Injection_DataFileDirectory)
                Injection Data File Name =First(Injection_DataFileName)
                Projekt Name =Project_Name
                Sample Cal Level =First(Sample_CalibrationLevel)
                Peak Tail Faktor =Peak_TailFactor
                Area % =Peak_AreaPercent
                Plates EP =First(Peak_TheoreticalPlates_EP)
                Interner Standart =IIf(Compound_IsInternalStandard =
                  "True","** ISTD ***", Compound_IstdName)
                Noise =Peak_Noise
                S/N =Peak_SignalToNoise
                Symetry =Peak_Symmetry
                Peak Höhe bei 50 % =Peak_Width_50Perc
                Peak Fläche =Peak_Area
                Peak Retentionszeit =Peak_RetentionTime
                RRT =Compound_ResponseFactor
                ISTD Name

                =IIf(Compound_IsInternalStandard =
                  "True","** ISTD ***", Compound_IstdName)

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                    Once again thank you for your input. My report editor looks the same. I have DELETED EVERYTHING off the template and it still prints 4 pages. I started a new template from a preset up one and it was reporting fine to 2 pages. Then all of sudden, after no changes, it switched to 4. I can leave everything the same and select "preview report" and sometimes it comes up on one page, sometimes two pages and sometimes four. When I hit "print preview" it does the same. It printed 2 pages one time. Even looking at the audit trail, there is nothing that indicates a change that should cause this issue. It's a software glitch somewhere. I fixed it by setting my printer to 2 sided printing. I'll save a few trees and my sanity by not hunting down software ghosts. No response is needed.

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                        Hello fellow chemistry aficionado! I'm sorry you weren't able to reach a conclusion. If you would like to delve any deeper, feel free to post the template that's been giving you problems as an attachment here. Since you've mentioned that you don't have internet access on the computer that's connected to the instrument, you can copy the .RDL template you've created (located on your local drive in \Chem32\REPSTYLE) to a flash drive, which you can bring with you to an internet-connected PC and sign in to the Community to upload. Also, if you'd like, you can send me a direct message within the Agilent Community by first following me (as I have just done), then hovering over my username and selecting "Message."

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                      I have had this problem when the page layout is configured as A4 instead of letter.  Also, A4 is default, so I have seen it multiple times. 


                      Hope that helps.

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                        I added tags to this post to increase visibility.


                        If you have not done so already, I would recommend that you go over the below documents. They outline common causes for extra pages printing on intelligent reports, some of which have already been mentioned in previous replies on this post.


                        How To Eliminate Extra Pages in Intelligent Reports (OpenLAB CDS)

                        Getting Extra Pages After Editing a Table in an Intelligent Report

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                          Thank you for all your input.The culprit ended up being a misunderstanding of the report set up template. I thought the grey portion to the right of the report on the template screen was the "usable" page width. Even though my report fields did not extend into the grey area, it still printed that area as a separate page, hence a blank page. Once I resized that area to the area of my actual template, it printed the correct number of expected pages.

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                              Everyone, just to close the loop on this. The specific problems with i<3chem's templates are outlined below. The articles posted by ryoboyle earlier should address all of these common problems:



                              1. The margins were over-extended:


                              1. There was extra space both within groups and outside of them:


                              1. For at least one of the templates, the Page Size was set to A4 instead of Letter, which, as user kbeard also pointed out, can affect the pagination.
                              2. As more minor, but still potentially significant fixes, the little spaces between composite groups and the header and footer needed to be condensed.