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MassHunter 4.3  Action on Failure options

Question asked by dbowden on Jul 25, 2018
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We have 2 ICP-MS instruments running MassHunter 4.3 (G7201C, Ver C.01.03, Build 505.6, Patch1) and I have a question about Action on Failure options.  There are four simple actions available to execute for out of range QC checks. These are;

  1. Ignore and Continue
  2. Abort
  3. Run Blank and Continue
  4. Recalibrate and Continue

There are many instances where a simple rerun of the sample is preferable. Has this option has been added to MassHunter 4.4 or any subsequent patches?  If not, is that something that can that can be added to the list of planned updates?


Thank you!