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    Open Labs Chemstation System Suitibility




      I have a question how to use the System suitibility Function in the Sequence in Open Labs.



      At the Moment we let the SST run as Sample. But im pretty sure its way more elegant to use this function.



      Thank you in Advance

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          I updated the tags on this post to increase visibility.


          System Suitability parameters are set in your processing method through the Data Analysis software:


          As Sys Suit samples are treated as normal samples by the OpenLAB CDS 2 software, the main advantage of using that sample type is that it allows you to set up filters in intelligent report templates. You can filter tables and groups on your report templates using the Sample Type enumeration below (taken from the OpenLAB Help & Learning):


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              Thanks for your Reply,


              I got the problem that I still don't understand why I should run it as SST.

              Currently we let it run as Sample in the old Chemstation Software too.


              It don't have any Priority to do it but what do you mean with intelligent reports ?

              Is it like the custom fields in Empower ? Where you mark the Calibration Standards and it use a different report for them ?


              We created a report template which suit our needs. Actually we try to let it look like the old from Chemstation.

              So the "User" finds their way in fast.

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              Ok I understand,


              To be honest that would be the last thing we take care off.

              But good to know there is such a helpful function.


              Thank you