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    Unable to generate report


      I am unable to generate/preview reports for data recently acquired. When I attempt to open the data files in the "Review" tab, I receive the following error message:




      Any attempt to create a report results in a blank pdf. I tried recalculating and reprocessing in the Data Analysis tab, but nothing changes.


      I found if I reprocess the sequence table with a different method previously used, the issue is resolved. However, I cannot determine any noticeable difference between the acquisition method that was used for the data with issues and the method I used to reprocess that corrects the issue.


      Using OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition for LC and LCMS Systems Rec C.01.08[210]. Agilent OpenLAB Intelligent Reporting A.01.11.138


      Any help would be appreciated as to possible reasons for this.





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          I added tags to this post to increase visibility.


          It does not sound like any sequence.acam_ file is being generated in your data files' .D folders. If these data files were collected in OpenLAB ChemStation revs C.01.01 - C.01.08 then this file should be created automatically. Were these affected data files acquired in an older A or B revision of ChemStation and then transferred to your C.01.08 system?


          If these data files were acquired in C.01.08 and reprocessing with a different method resolves the error, then I would be concerned about a possible corrupt method. Were all of the affected data files acquired using the same master method? Have you tried acquiring any data with other master methods since you started observing this issue? If so, are these data files also throwing this error when loaded in Review?

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              Thanks for the response ryoboyle


              The data was acquired with ChemStation version C. To answer your questions:

              • Yes, all the affected files were acquired using the same master method or a slight variation of it.
              • I have not tried acquiring data with other methods, but reprocessing with older methods resolves the issue


              Based on your response, it is likely a corrupted method. A previous user had experienced issues with the system when using this master method (though I do not know how that issue was resolved). For now, I will reprocess with a different method that I know will work, and replace these methods with uncorrupted versions.

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              I wonder if the problem is that the run time check list of the method that you're using for processing doesn't include "Standard Data Analysis"?