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Fraction collector G1364A not detected?

Question asked by bill##1553 on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by spacefish

Hi All,

We have an old G1364C (SN: DE43620518) fraction collector that we would like to get up and running with one of our 1100 stacks.  We can't detect it at all in Chemstation.  When turned on the light turns yellow and the instrument appears to start a self check.  The door locks and the needle moves around for a while, and then homes in on a spot and stops, it clicks and then the light turns red.

I suspected the FW might need to be updated.  But when I tried the FW update tool.  The unit doesn't come up.  I simplified the setup for trouble-shooting purposes by turning off all units except the DAD (which has Jet Card) and the G1364C, connected through CAN cable.  And again it doesn't come up on Chemstation or FW update tool.  As a sanity check, I swapped the G1364C for a spare Quatpump we had, and it came up right away in FW update tool.    Any ideas what the problem could be? Or what to try next?  Electrical or MB problem?