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    Free 5977B GC/MS (with MassHunter) Course From Agilent University


      Agilent University is looking to pilot an innovative new, comprehensive GC/MS course with a few customers and is offering the pilot free of charge in return for feedback on the new course.


      This training is on our recently developed online GC/MS training titled “Running Start for Agilent 5977B GC/MSD with MassHunter with Cloud Labs” class (part #
      GCMS-5977-1100fsc).  This course is designed for customer’s using the latest GC/MS Single Quad 5977B hardware and software...specifically MassHunter GC/MS Acquisition SP1, B.07.06; Qualitative Analysis B.08 SP1, and Quantitative Analysis B.09 with Quant My Way.  It is ideal for technicians needing an introduction to the 5977B hardware and software.  However, it is NOT designed to train technicians for MassHunter Acquisition with ChemStation DA or for Walkup software.


      Here are a few details:


      • We are looking for a few customers to take this self-paced online training who are located in North America and whose use 5977B hardware and software described above.
      • Ideally we would like to have one, two, or three people at the customer account pilot this training.
      • We calculate the training will take approximately 11 hours to complete.
      • This training would be provided completely free...in return we would like feedback on the course such as:
        • How did the course perform?
        • Was it intuitive?
        • Any challenges or suggestions to enhance or improve
                the experience?
        • We would like to talk to the students of the course and
                their managers
          to get their input / feedback on the course (about 40
                minutes of their time after completion of the training).
      • FYI, those items highlighted in blue in the attached
             document are those modules that will leverage the innovative new “Cloud
             Based” hands-on labs – a breakthrough in online training.  Agilent
             has performed beta testing with the cloud lab environment and this course
             will be our first formal class tested with customers.
      • Timing...we would like to open the training on Monday, July 16 and ask the customer to have completed
             by Friday, August 24. 
        Students would also have complete
             access to the training materials for a total of 90 days (so they can
             follow-up on any of the training even after providing feedback to Agilent).

      This offer is good until the class is filled or July 15, whichever comes sooner.

      If you are interested to sign-up or learn more, please contact Agilent University at:  CES.VIRTUAL@AGILENT.COM