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Automating method changes from table of values

Question asked by gchaplain Champion on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by james_jenkins

Good Evening,


I realize this is a bizzare question but basically what we have is a Dean Switch GCMS system and we use cut windows to determine when the best time is to switch from column 1 (inlet to switch to 3rd column - vent) to column 2 (inlet column to switch to MS column) then back again. Almost takeing a snip for the original run.


FID would solve our problems but these syetms do not have FID so we have to run a series of trial cut windows and decide which cut window (Events in the method) are best.


Of course this is itme consuming but a pain because we have to alter the cut window on multiple methods (the same but with different event times) in order to find the ideal cut window.


We know the 7890Method.bin file (should of mentioned its a 7980 GC) contains the information we need to change, but is there anyway anyone has an code or suggest a program that can edit this information automatically when derived numbers rather than either opening them all ourselves in Masshunter or opening them all in notepad?


The code/numbers we want to change are seen and highlighted below:


  <PersistentRuntimeEvents RunTime="0" Type="RTE_VALVE" Position="1" Value="0" ModuleMsg="" />
  <PersistentRuntimeEvents RunTime="3.2" Type="RTE_VALVE" Position="1" Value="1" ModuleMsg="" />
  <PersistentRuntimeEvents RunTime="3.8" Type="RTE_VALVE" Position="1" Value="0" ModuleMsg="" />
  <PersistentRuntimeEvents RunTime="7.15" Type="RTE_VALVE" Position="1" Value="1" ModuleMsg="" />
  <PersistentRuntimeEvents RunTime="7.65" Type="RTE_VALVE" Position="1" Value="0" ModuleMsg="" />