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    Data Analysis doesn't work proberly


      Hi Community!


      I've installed Win10 on the Workstation who is connected to our 1200er System.

      We run Chemstation Rev B.04.03


      The installation works fine, also the control of the system is running smooth.


      But if i want to analyse the runs (under Data Analysis).

      There is a problem for integration. The manual integration, doesn't work proberly.

      For example, if i want to delete manual a peak, i click on them and another peak about 2cm (on Display) away, is deleted.


      Maybe someone knows this problem too? I don't know if this is a problem because of the win10 installation, or something others.


      Have a nice day!

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          I tested now, a lot of functions again, everything works fine.

          Just the manual integration in the chromatogramm window have a problem. It seems to be a location problem. Because if i zoom in, the zoomed area isn't the same as i marked before. So the problem i think is, the chromatogramm window, this have a location malfunction with the cursor.


          Maybe someone else have such problems and a solution.

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              That is good that it looks like most of the software is functioning properly for you.


              Unfortunately, Agilent does not support ChemStation rev B.04.03 on Windows 10. Support for that revision only goes up to Windows 7 32-bit.


              If you need to run ChemStation on Windows 10, then the only thing that I can recommend is that you upgrade your software. The latest revisions of OpenLAB ChemStation (C.01.07 SR3, SR4, and C.01.08) are supported on Windows 10, as is OpenLAB CDS 2.3.

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                  Thanks for your reply!


                  I know, that this Rev doesn't Support Win10. But as far as i see, everything is working proberly, for except this function. Why spend a lot of Money if we are all happy with this Software.


                  This was just a try, to get a good support and may someone is at the same position as we.


                  Maybe the problem is not dependig on Win10. Because i installed ChemStation for the first time, and it was my fault.

                  May i ask, if there is the same Problem in Win7 32bit?

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                      Hi albermab, typically when we say something isn't supported (like Windows 10 running ChemStation B.04.03), we mean that the revision of software was not tested in that configuration; when something isn't tested, we cannot in good conscience support it. The untested configuration may work, somewhat work, or not work at all, but in any case, Agilent cannot offer support. With respect to your question, you should not have this problem in Windows 7 32-bit as long as you update to the most recent support packs and hotfixes. Please contact your local support center in order to get information about these updates and how to obtain them: Contact Us | Agilent.