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    ChemStation B.04.03 SP1 or SP2

      Hi all, I'm currently having issues with my ChemStation and when I look into some of the recommendations, it says that SP1 takes care of that issue. I can' find a copy of SP1 any place. Can someone please direct me to where I can get this service patch? I have a 6890 GC on Windows 7 and just plain old ChemStation (with ChemStore).


      Thanks for any help

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          I moved this post to the Software section of the Agilent Community and added tags to make it more visible to other users.


          If you cannot find the physical installation media to install B.04.03 SP1 and if you do not have access to it from your subscribenet account, then I recommend you contact Agilent support to request a replacement copy: Contact Us | Agilent