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    Method Resolution for Changed Configuration?


      I have been running various methods with the GC machine as recently as yesterday with no issue. However, today, upon start-up, and error message headlined by "Method Resolution For Changed Configuration" appeared and stated that "The method you are loading was created when the instrument was configured differently than it is now". This error message then suggests that are issues with Column 1 "Type Differences" and the Front Detector "Gas Type Differences". As I have mentioned, nothing has changed since I ran the machine successfully less than 24 hours ago, and all the gasses are running to the device properly. The software then proceeds to "transfer the set points", allowing the machine to think it's ready for sample analysis. However, when reviewing what set points the software automatically changed, I found that it changed the column flow rate to 4.9 and the average velocity to 71 (when the desired set points are .1 and 21, respectively). The other value it changed was under the Inlet section, it changed the split flow to 244 from the desired 6.9. Obviously these are major deviations from the desired set points. I tried to manually revert these set points, however, the machine would automatically change dependent values as if it could no longer support the method I have always ran.. (For example, if I changed the split flow back to 6.9, it would then change my split ration to 4:1 instead of the desired 50:1). Any suggestions?

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          Hi mmehling,

          I would carefully review the method and especially the GC configuration (Gas type settings). Method resolution can be triggered when the GC has had a gas type change in the configuration, column dimensions or gas type to the column has changed. In some cases a hardware problem where the instrument no longer has a function that it used to control such as make up gas etc.  With your description it appears to have been at least two changes. Please let us know what you find out. Once resolved , the method will need to be saved to stop the method resolution process from happening.