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    Decreasing processing times in unknowns analysis software B.8.0.598.0




      We have just started using unknowns analysis to identify and provide library hits for unknown peaks from our ~60 min single quad GC-MS method.

      We would like to build a dedicated processing PC to speed up the sample interrogation however I don't know if the application fully scales up well with core count (we're currently using quad core systems) or if the application can utilize GPU's.


      If anyone has had experience/information on this software with systems that utilize high core count/GPUs, please could you comment on whether you saw significant increases in processing speed.


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          I am not quite sure how the software performance will scale. The minimum hardware requirements that we recommend for MassHunter software are below:


          • HP Z440 w/ Intel Xeon E5- 1620v3 (3.50 GHz, 10 MB cache, 4 cores)

          • 16 GB of DDR4- 2133 Registered ECC RAM

          • 500 GB of available HDD space


          I am not sure if the software was ever tested in a hardware configuration similar to what you are inquiring about, but hopefully another user will be able to shed some light if it has.