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    How to use Firmware update tool to install earlier FW?


      Hi All,

      I got the FW 2.10 tool and library of files.  When I used the tool and pressed the green arrow it updated to the latest FW version.  How do install an earlier version?




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          Hi Bill,

          The Firmware is here: https://www.agilent.com/en-us/firmwareDownload?whid=69761

          Download Firmware

          You can download it and set the path to the firmware you need....  or right to the website.

          Either Select Folder or Select Market Location


          the down arrow will show any firmware it has access to, so you may need to change the path.


          Please let us know what happens. Please send screenshots if you are seeing something different.

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            You can select the firmware in Lab Advisor via the "Select Market Location" Button/Dropdown.

            Get the latest version of Lab Advisor here: http://labadvisor.pl29.agilent.com/latest


            To update firmware:

            In System Overview click "Add System":


            Enter any Instrument Name and the instruments ip-adress or hostname (you can use COMx if you are using RS232 or USB)


            Go to "Firmware Update"


            Choose the firmware set you want to install


            Click on "Lock" in the row of your instrument


            If the firmware is newer it will be selected now:


            Click on "Update"


            The update will automatically download the required firmware files and flash them to your devices (takes ~3-10 minutes depending on size of instrument and type of modules)


            You can´t "brick" the instrument by a firmware upgrade as it has two systems and will always be recoverable via the "Firmware Update" even if the update is interrupted by power outage or connection issues.