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GC Leak or EPC problem?

Question asked by cberdugo on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by james_jenkins

Hi all,

I am using a GC 6890 with split/splitless inlet to analyse reaction products.

I installed a 60 m column in the GC and while running my usual method ,the GC shut down because of - Front Inlet Pressure Shutdown-. I revised the possible causes of this problem and thought that this might be a leak problem.


I tried and  "unobtrusive" leak test that I saw on the troubleshooting guide, and the test was positive for a leak (almost 40 mL/min excess while in prep run). While monitoring the total flow, I tighten the column fittings, yet the leak persisted.


I came back to the maintenance method conditions (Splitless, Purge flow = 50 mL/min, Column flow = 7 mL/min., and measured the flow over the Split/Splitless Inlet vent and the flow is less than 2 ml/min, once I press [Prep Run], the flow through the Split/Splitless Inlet stops.


I wonder if there is a problem with the EPC given that the flow measured through the Split/Splitless Inlet vent is so low compared to the expected  ( 50 ml/min)?