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Connecting 1100 stack to Xcalibur via ethernet, Quatpump not detected.  All others are detected. 

Question asked by bill##1553 on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by spacefish

I suspect a firmware issue.  When chemstation is attached it list FW as:

Xcalibur "Getting Connected" states it requires firmware. A.06.01 [012]


Chemstation lists firmware for units as:

Diode-array detector                           G1315A A.06.32 [003]

Quaternary pump                                G1311A A.06.04 [001]

Thermostatted autosampler                G1329A A.06.32 [004]

Thermostatted column compartment  G1316A A.06.04 [001]


So I have A.06 firmware, but the number/version is not an exact match.  Should I try to make the FW all the same and A.06.01 [012] ?


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