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    Revisions of Reports


      I know this is a long shot, is there any way to go back to a previous Rev. of a report you're editing? I'm assuming the old revision is overwritten once a new one is saved, I just want to make sure there's no way to recall an old rev.


      The issue I'm having is that my old rev had a column in a table with a Normalized % Amount for each peak and a separate table with Normalized % Amount of Groups (essentially a sum of certain peaks from the individual peak table). Not meaning to edit anything to do with those columns, my new rev doesn't sum all of the individual peaks to 100 anymore, it is using the groups in the separate table as part of the whole % (leaving my table with individual peaks Norm % Amount sum to <100, but when you add in the values from the group table, it all adds up to 100). I'm not sure what I did to change this and I've tried retracing my steps, my old revision didn't have this calculation issue.

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          Is this a standalone workstation installation of OpenLAB ChemStation? If so, then previous versions of your report templates are not saved automatically.

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            This answer would also be a long shot, but if you synchronize your report folder (or the entire ChemStation folder, for that matter) with a cloud service like OneDrive, DropBox, or Google Drive, for example, you would have built-in versioning for all of the files, including the report templates, even if you save over the file.


            Regarding the normalization problem, if you're migrating your method to the new revision, as well, I would consider rebuilding it from the default in the new ChemStation revision and resetting the calibration setting to not "calculate signals separately" (meaning, clear the checkbox).

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