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    CF Formula in MH Quant.


      Somehow Masshunter Quant. decided to start showing the CF Formula using relative concentration (i.e. formula is not the same in the tabulated results and the calibration curve window), and I need to switch back. Switching back and forth between relative conc. in the calibration curve window does not help, and I cannot find anywhere else to change this setting and I really want to export the 'true' calibration curve formula... Help?

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          The only reason why the axes would change on the calibration curve in Quant would be if an internal standard was specified for the compound in questions. If you tell Quant to use an ISTD while calculating your compound results, then Quant will take your compound's response and concentration relative to the response and concentration of the ISTD.


          If you check in the ISTD Setup section of the Method Edit screen, is the ISTD Compound Name column populated for the compound in question?

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              Thanks for your reply!

              Yes, I am using internal standards... and familiar with calibrations, but getting confused with Quant terminology (possibly).

              The CF Formula which is stated in a column in the tabulated results is not the same formula which is shown in the calibration curve window. And the tabulated CF formula gives the wrong concentration when applied to the response ratio ('RR' column), whereas I get the correct concentration when using the formula shown in the calibration curve window. I thought the RR value was the ISTD normalized response?