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    Chemstation unable to initialise




      Having sorted out our printer problem with MassHunter for GC we started having another issue on Friday night last week. The software suddenly stopped mid run giving an error that the drivers for the MSD could not be found. After restarting the PC MassHunter will no longer start. It gives a chemstation failed to initialize error and crashes back to the desktop. We are hoping to locate a disk image to put the system back to the state just after it was validated. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to solve this issue without having to re-image the PC or reinstall the software again? The PC is able to ping all components of the GCMS and there were no changes to the network made by our IT contractor at the time of the failure.





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          Just to verify, this is still GCMS MassHunter Acquisition revision B.07.05 with a 5977B like in your previous post?


          In order to diagnose why MassHunter is not launching, we would need the following logs (all found at C:\GCMS\Msexe\):

          • icstartX.log
          • instctlmainframe.log
          • topstartX.log


          X in the above log files is the instrument number (1, 2, 3, or 4).

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