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    Uv-Vis Chemstation - report files




      Where are the standard report style files located (.frp) ?


      I want to make a custom report in advanced mode based on the "fixed wavelength report" in the standard mode.


      The advanced mode report styles are found in the folder  C:\Chem32\uvexe\RepStyles\ but apart from having non-descriptive file names, the "fixed wavelength report" seems not to be included among the files.


      Maybe it is possible to change the default report with a macro ?


      Any suggestions welcomed.


      Regards, Pétur Ari

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            Mike Picollelli

            Hello  Pétur:


            The default report styles cannot be modified.  The Advanced mode allow for the modification of the Results Report and GLP Results Report.  There are a couple dissolution related reports in the UCL folder on the ChemStation disk. I don't know what is possible regarding macros and reports. Agilent does not support macro writing.


            Best regards,



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              I'm in same boat. the default "Fixed wavelength report" is what I need. But you cant duplicate it in advanced result mode. Doesn't make sense.


              Agilent wrote a 280 page document on using macros in chemstation. They could have used their time more wisely, by just creating a customized report templates database that people could download and try.

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                Mike Picollelli

                Attention: The macro and report style discussed in this document are the equivalent of any macro or report style in the UCL folder located on the UV-Vis ChemStation software disk, and as such, are NOT supported by Agilent.


                The report style, a macro to extract the wavelength, and instructions are attached.  The report style and macro were written in 2002, shortly after the release of A.09.01[76].  I tested them on revision B.05.02[16].  I am confident they work on any revision in between, and probably on later revisions.  When you first go to Report Setup after installing, the style may be uvav2001.frp instead of UVAV2003.FRP .  If you change the name of the report style, or use the Style Editor to make changes, it will be saved to the C:\Chem32\uvexe\RepStyle directory.  If you need to move them to another instrument or upgrade your software, use the FRP file attached here. ChemStation software was written in the early 1990's and reflects programming of that era, so I recommend you do not change the name of any file in the C:\Chem32\uvexe\RepStyle directory.


                Step 1: Copy the macro Usr_Rpt.mac and the report style UVAV2003.FRP to the C:\Chem32\uvexe\RepStyle directory.

                Step 1 is 95 % of installing and using the report style.








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