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    Assistance in part change for 5977A MSD


      I have a question and have been told a couple of answers but nothing concrete.


      I am hoping to change the MSD door circuit board: number 29, part number G3170-65015

      Apart from dipping the quads (as described in the manual), what else needs to be done when replacing this part? I have been told that there needs to be a part of a code extracted or something, but I don't know.

      We potentially need to replace this part and need a way to do it.


      Physically I have practised and found it easy to swap between instruments, but this part was already configured on these instruments. What needs to be done when it's brand new fresh out the packet and installed on an instrument?


      Thanks in advance

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          In response to a procedure in changing an electronic circuit board on an Agilent piece of hardware, due to liabilty issues, this should only be done by a factory trained service engineer and will not be discussed in this forum by Agilent. What is is really needed is onsite by a factory trained Agilent Engineer

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              I appreciate your swift reply, and that this shouldnot be public knowledge as a mistake can cause damage to the instruments.

              I have changed and replaced printed circuit boards, network cards, power boards, power blocks, HED power supplies and such on these instrument types before, and had them working. Only issue is we have not had to change this board before in our international programs.


              We have had one of our guys in the US do this operation whilst speaking to an Agilent field engineer in order to resolve it. Is it possible to contact me privately on this matter? My email is on my profile.