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    ezchrom installation citrix




      I have an issue when I try to install OpenLab CDS EZChrom Version A.04.07


      The plan is to install EZChrom on a Citrix to allow the user to retrieve files from ECM for review or reintegration.

      I start the installation and select the Installation of the EZChrom Version. Enter the OL-CDS Server, Autentication provider ECM and the credentials. After ~1 min the error message appears and tell me that is unable to connect to the server.


      LoggerFramework.CL Error: 1 : MasterInstaller.CL.ConnectionHelper - getOLSSReturnCode, Wont be able to proceed with installation as FAILED TO GET SERVER INFO occured while OLSS test connectivity!!!!


      The OL-CDS Shared Services Server is up and running, the installation of the OL-CDS Chemstation C01.08 works successfully. (I know that the Chemstation edition will not work on Citrix)


      Any idea what is going wrong?


      Best regards