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    EZChrome improper argument



      OpenLab – EZChrom - Micro GC – Control - Single Run - Perform
      every 10 minutes - Start. After one or more runs are successfully completed
      according to Run Queue, the message “Encountered an improper argument” occurs
      during the idle period between runs. I can see the runs continue to perform at
      intervals since the lower status bar updates through idle, initializing, equilibrating, waiting for
      trigger, running sample. I cannot click anywhere on the screen except to clear
      the message or messages, then I can view Run Queue and the single runs have continued
      to update despite the error message. I have two separate installations
      of this software, and they both have the same issue. Could this be
      in my software settings or is this a bug that can be repaired with an update? Thank

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          I added tags to this post to increase visibility.


          What model micro GC are you running? Are you using the same method and/or sequence files on both instruments? Is there any more information regarding the error if you look in the Instrument Activity Log (found by going to View -> Instrument Activity Log)?

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              - 490 Micro GC


              - Two systems are running different method files.  Both methods are three

              minutes long. I attempt to perform single run at ten minutes intervals and

              both result in error.


              - Instrument activity log - No errors. Screen clip. I could call technical

              support if that would be more efficient. Thank you.


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                  This issue is going to take some troubleshooting to sort out and it would go faster if you called technical support (800-227-9770 option 3) while in front of the PC and instrument. If you are unable to call in though, then we can definitely continue troubleshooting here.


                  If you do call in and resolve the problem, we would appreciate it if you could come back to this post and reply with the resolution.

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                Since it has been a couple months, I marked this post as "Assumed Answered".


                Did you find any resolution to this issue? If so, it would be appreciated if you could come back to the post and post the Correct Answer.