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Custom Calculation: Calibration curve factors for reference compounds

Question asked by berndh on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by berndh

Dear all,


is it possible to access the calibration curve factors for reference compounds in custom calculation editor?


Compound A is calibrated in data analysis (mode curve), Compound B is quantified using Compound A as reference.


In Custom calculation, I need to divide the peak area of compound B by the value of the slope of Compound A`s calibration curve (to work around the problem that compound B needs to be quantified without sample multipliers and dilution factors which are needed to quantify other calibrated compounds in the sample. Sounds complicated, and it is).


calibrationcurve.calibrationcurve_A_coefficient is the function I need - what I miss is the correct way to link the function to the correct compound.


Allpeaksorgroupsbyname("CompoundA") or something similar... I cannot get it to work


Any help would be appreciated :-)


Thanks and best regards,