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5977A MSD Source Heater Fault

Question asked by gchaplain Champion on Apr 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by gchaplain

Good Morning,


We currently have an issue with one of our 5977A MSDs.


On changing source we first saw that the 502 ion would not resolve properly (peak is jagged and below 0.5% abundance of the 69 ion peak) on an etune but it would be OK on an atune. Our method specifies an etune for use suggesting it's the extraction lens not sat correctly or dirty etc.


So we replaced it with the previous source (which was working correctly before changing), and now the source is heating up but the panel on MassHunter keeps flickering and instead of being 320 degrees it flicks between 306 and 5 degrees every 5 seconds or so and states "Source Heater Fault". Also the quadrupole isn't reaching the correct temperature, it is meant to be 170 degrees but has not risen above 168 degrees.


I am unsure whether the 502 not resolving properly is related to the fluctating source temperature or not. I realize the fluctating soruce temperature can cause this issue, but this wasn't seen before.


Could this be an electronic issue or a source issue? If it is electronic please any suggestions to resolve this will help tremendously.


Kind Regards


Grant Chaplain