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    Degasser G1379B leakage


      I observed a leakage on degasser (G1379B).


      Very small amount of liquid is coming out from the highlighted part.

      Would anyone advise what the pipeline is and for (is it for vacuum pump)? and how do I handle this issue?

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          Hello Jin Kim, this is the vacuum pump vent tube. It sounds as though one the vacuum chambers has developed a leak so the vacuum pump is taking in solvent. If you can, I would stop using the degasser and manually degas your solvents e.g. using sonication. You can remove the remote cable going from the back of the degasser to one of the modules in the LC stack (usually the pump) so the LC 'doesn't know' the degasser isn't attached. I recommend that you contact your local Agilent office to log a repair call on this module.

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