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All things being equal with respect to hardware, column, sample etc., would GC data collected via Open Lab, Chemstation and Mass Hunter all yield the same peak areas?

Question asked by squawkbert on Mar 30, 2018
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We are actually running a new 7890B FID on Empower 3 and are getting really low area counts as compared to the I/OQ areas collected by an Agilent field service rep. using a laptop with Mass Hunter.


Waters says that despite their having had a problem with a previous version of the ICF in play here, the problem did not extend to Mass Hunter. Only Chemstation and Open Lab had the issue. I am inclined to call "BS" on this as we are still seeing very low area counts for what should be the same injections made using the same everything (except for data system). Our I/OQ docs show nearly 3 million area counts for the C15 and C16 peaks in the FID MDL test mix via Mass Hunter and we're getting just over 300 area counts in Empower 3. I know that this is not inherently a bad thing as Empower also allows for 5 decimal places but we're only getting about half the S/N in Empower as was reported in the I/OQ doc.


Any suggestions appreciated...

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