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Could the time window shown in peak information be wider than the R.T. window setup in the method?

Question asked by nkmesong on Mar 25, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by ryoboyle

Hi everyone:

I have a query:

I need to see if there is any peak out of my R.T. windows, which don't want to be integrated. So can the window displayed in the peak information wider than the r.t. window setup in the method. I tried the "show wider RT range", but it only can be used in method edit interface.


like below: I setup the RT window ±0.2min for integratingļ¼Œbut I need the time window shown in ±0.5min.I can get it by "show wider RT range" in method edit for one sample,but i can not do this in batch for all sample (in compounds at a glance will be better)


in batch, the  "show wider RT range" is gray,


my masshunter version is: